Academic Education

Mulla Asgher received his academic education at the Ithna-Asheri Primary School, Mombasa, which, in those days operated from a small building adjoining the Huseini Mosque / Imambara complex and ran classes up to primary Std-IV. Today, this School has expanded into a full-fledged primary and secondary School in an expansive School-building complex providing education up to '' levels.

After completing primary education at the Ithna-Asheri School, he joined the Mombasa Technical High School for his secondary education and studied up to Form IV ('O' Levels) - Senior Cambridge examinations as it was known then. For his second language in his final exams for the 'O' levels, he took Urdu instead of Gujarati. For a Gujarati speaking boy to opt for Urdu as his second language was a novel experience in a predominantly Gujarati speaking society.

At a very young age Mulla Asgher involved himself in social activities. He first joined the Ithna-Asheri Young Men's Union Debate & Education Section. His interest in the educational welfare of the students started at this very young age. He devoted his free time in the evenings in conducting coaching classes for the primary and the secondary School students. With Abdulrazak Molu, Musa Firdousi, Amirali Peermohamed, Abbas A.M. Jaffer and Hassan G.A.D.Musa they formed Hyderi Cultural Group. Private tuition for weak students was expensive and not within the means of many parents at that time. This welfare group targeted such students. Mulla Asgher, Abdulrazak Molu and Abbas Jaffer officiated as teachers on voluntary basis. The other three members looked after the administrative side. Nominal fees were charged to pay for stationery and books. The classes were held at the Huseini Night School premises located within the compounds of the current Hyderi Imambara, Mombasa. Later on he also taught at the Huseini Night School.

Sajjad Rashid, former Chairman of the Mombasa Jamaat, recalled at the condolence meeting preceding the 58Th session of the Supreme Council meeting of the Africa Federation held at Mombasa on 21st April 2000, "Ask any Mombasa-born member of the community of my age group and you will be told that his first contact with the late Mulla Saheb was either at the evening tuition classes or at the night school or both." At School, Mulla Asgher took keen interest in school debates and often led the School team in inter-school debating competitions. He was also a regular participant in the monthly open lectures and debating programs organized by the Debate and Education Section of the lthna-Asheri Young Men's Union which were held within the compounds of the Huseini Mosque and attracted good attendance.