Qasr Salah/Umrah in Rajab/Gate of Tawbah

Namaaz-e-Qasr for travelers who are not residing in the place they are traveling for more than 10 days. Joining in Jama'ah as a traveler. Importance of doing Umrah in the Holy Month of Rajab and the Rules of Tawaaf-un-Nisa.The concept of Sin in Islam and the Gate of Tawbah (Repentance) in Islam

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Understanding Islamic Laws & Masa'el (Gujrati)

The importance of Islamic Law is not only that which has been written in books and the laws laid by Islam. In addition, Ulemas (scholars) are there to share the correct interpretation with the people, so that these laws are understood in the manner they have been written, and not left to each indvidiual's own interpretation.

History of Islam - after the Event of Karbala. From the time of the 6th Imam to the time of the 11th Imam, we do not know much of what their contribution to Islam is and we do not give them the importance we should. Here, Mulla Asghar takes excerpts of their lives and shares the importance with the members of the community.

These lectures are a series compiled from Fajr Lectures (Saturday/Sunday morning at Stanmore)

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