Ramadhan Collection - Audio with Translation

Mulla Asghar, in his lifetime, recorded several audio recitations of Ramadhan Du'as with translation In preparation for this holy month, here below are the recitations we have gathered.

It is Sunnah to read this Du'a after every obligatory prayers in the day and in the night:

Small Du'a 1 with English Translation (Ya Aliyyu Ya Adheem)

It is Sunnat to read this Du'a in every night of the Holy Month of Ramadhan:

Small Du'a 2 with English Translation (Allahumma Rabba Shahri Ramadhan)



Du'a-e-Iftitah with English Translation

Du'a-e-Iftitah with Gujrati Translation

For the nights of Laylatul Qadr:

Du'a-e-Makarimul Akhlaq with English Translation

Munajat of Imam Ali (A) with Gujrati Translation

Surah-e-Ankabut with Gujrati Translation

Surah-e-Rum with Gujrati Translation

Surah-e-Dukhan with Gujrati Translation


Listen to the recitation of Imam Husayn (A)'s Du'a for the Day of Arafah by Marhum Mulla Asghar. This audio has Gujrati Translation.

History narrates that the supplicatory prayer of Imam al-Husayn (`a), the Chief of Martyrs, on the `Arafat Day is one of the famous prayers. Bishr and Bashir, the sons of Ghalib al-Asadi, narrated that they, once, accompanied Imam al-Husayn (`a) at the `Arafat Night when he left his tent with submission and reverence. He walked slowly until he, accompanied by a group of his household, sons, and servants, stopped at the left side of Mount `Arafat and turned his face towards the Holy Ka`bah. He then raised his hands (for supplication) to the level of his face, just like a poor man begging food, and said the following supplication:

Written Arabic with English Translation

Dua-e-Makarimul Akhlaq

Mulla Asghar recites Dua-e-Makarimul Akhlaq in Arabic with English Translation


Mulla Asghar recites Dua-e-Kumayl in Arabic and stops periodically to translate in English.